Teachers: Promote student interaction & reflection!

Provide faster and more effective feedback for your students!
Effortlessly trace and assess your students’ interaction, performance, and involvement!
Socratic Seminars, Group Discussions, Lit Circles, Harkness groups, and any time students interact.


#1 – Check out how easy it is to use Equity Maps!

Add up to 40 Participants
Import names from other groups
Choose from among 3 Types of Tables or Open Seating


#2 – Record & Chart Your Class or Group

Simply tap on each speaker!
You choose- audio on or audio off.


#3 – Powerful “Feedback Frames”

Playback & Statistics of Participation
Replay at four speeds!
Fast forward to anyone in the group
Gender Equity -  Equity of Time Spoken -  Statistics of Times Spoken